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Good news: Zhongyuan new material won two awards of the 21st golden bull award of Listed Companies in China

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On October 31, the "new era, new opportunity, new driving force - 2019 golden bull listed companies Summit Forum and award ceremony" sponsored by China Securities Journal was held in Beijing. Anhui Zhongyuan new material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyuan new material") won two awards on the scene of the event with its standardized management, good business performance and good investor relations. Mr. Feng Quanhu, chairman of the company, was awarded the "golden bull Leader Award" and the company was awarded the "golden bull value investment Award".

The theme of this forum is the high-quality development of listed companies, focusing on the macroeconomic situation, the return of listed companies' value and other important issues, so as to promote the value and quality of listed companies. Cao Yong, deputy director of the supervision department of listed companies of China Securities Regulatory Commission, song Zhiping, President of the China Association of listed companies, Xia Bin, counsellor of the State Council, Ji Xiaonan, former chairman of the board of supervisors of key large state-owned enterprises, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric appliances, Jia Kang, economist of Huaxia new supply Economics Research Institute, Gao Peiyong, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and national finance and development experiment Yang Tao, deputy director of the office, Liu pinxiong, deputy chief researcher of China Academy of space technology, etc. delivered keynote speeches successively.

The "golden bull award of China's listed companies" has been held for 21 years. It is jointly organized by China Fortune media group, China Securities Journal and China integrity group. It focuses on creating a "weathervane" and "barometer" for economic transformation and industrial adjustment, and provides a model for more enterprises to innovate and develop green. Based on the fundamentals of listed companies, this selection selects 13 financial indicators as the evaluation index system, adopts the principal component analysis method, evaluates according to the abnormal value, and combines with the negative list screening to select the enterprises and leaders. As an influential event, more than 300 listed companies and financial giants gathered at the golden bull Summit Forum. Zhongyuan new materials won the "golden bull Leader Award" and "golden bull value investment Award" this time, which is a review of the overall operation quality of the company, and is the fruit of the high-quality development concept of the enterprise.

In the future, Zhongyuan new material management will continue to do a good job in the company's operation and management, and strive to return the majority of investors with better performance.

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