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In April 2011, Wuhu Zhongyuan metal belt and foil Co., Ltd. was changed into Anhui Zhongyuan new material Co., Ltd. At the same time, our company officially launched a new enterprise trademark (trademark registration certificate No. 7966768), which marks that our company has entered a new stage of development.

The company's trademark takes Zhongyuan new material "Zhong" as the design element, implying the enterprise's enterprising spirit. The new trademark fully embodies the enterprise concept of "let us create the future together".

At the same time, our company has registered the following two enterprise trademarks in the Trademark Office of the General Administration for Industry and Commerce of the people's Republic of China.


The trademark (trademark registration certificate No. 8453752) is designed with the "Z" initial letter, combined with the industrial characteristics, and continues to resume the dynamic, expressing the concept of continuous origin, meaning the continuous development and growth of the enterprise.

The trademark (trademark registration certificate No. 8453830) is based on the initial letter "Y" of Yongjie copper industry, a subsidiary, and combines the texture and shape of copper to create deformation.

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