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Study on the opinions of the State Council on further improving the quality of listed companies

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On October 9, the State Council's opinions on further improving the quality of listed companies (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) was released. From the height of speeding up the improvement of the socialist market economic system and promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, the "opinions" clarify the overall requirements for improving the quality of listed companies, and from improving the governance level of listed companies, promoting the listed companies to be better and stronger, improving the withdrawal mechanism of listed companies, solving the outstanding problems of listed companies, and improving the illegal behavior of listed companies and related subjects Six aspects of illegal costs and the formation of joint efforts to improve the quality of listed companies have made systematic arrangements to improve the quality of listed companies, which fully reflects the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to improving the quality of listed companies and promoting the healthy and stable development of the capital market.

The company organized the directors, supervisors, senior managers and managers to study the opinions, earnestly implemented the deployment of the opinions of the State Council and earnestly implemented the requirements of the CSRC. On the one hand, efforts should be made to improve the level of corporate governance, standardize corporate governance and internal control, improve corporate governance system and rules, optimize the corporate governance structure, form a good internal control environment, and constantly improve the construction of its internal control system. On the other hand, we should constantly improve the quality of information disclosure, actively fulfill the obligation of disclosure based on the principle of authenticity, accuracy, integrity, timeliness and fairness, and make it clear and easy to understand.

The company will implement the contents of the opinions, make the enterprise better and stronger, further improve the quality of the company, strive to develop, and actively repay all shareholders and investors.

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