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The difference of red copper, red copper and electrolytic copper

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"Electrolytic copper" is the final product of copper smelting process. It is not ingot like, but flake, with irregular edges (except those cut), and the surface is not very smooth.

"Electrolytic copper" can be said to be pure copper, the color is purplish red, so it is also called "red copper" or "red copper". However, in copper products, a small amount of other metals (such as zinc, etc.) are added to improve the hardness or other properties of pure copper. Due to the small amount of addition, the color does not change greatly, so it is generally called "red copper" or "red copper".

If more than a certain proportion of zinc is added, the color of copper turns yellow, which is called "brass". The hardness of brass is much higher, but the toughness and ductility are poor, and the conductivity is not as good as red copper (red copper).

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