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Company profile

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Anhui Zhongyuan New Materials Co.,Ltd. was established in April 2005, with its headquarters at No.48,North Fengminghu Road,Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Area,Wuhu City,Anhui Province,China, with a registered capital of 243.824 million yuan. It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2017, stock abbreviation: Zhongyuan Xincai, stock code: 603527. At present, the company has several subsidiaries: Anhui Yongjie Copper Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhu Zhongyuan import and Export Co., Ltd., Anhui Jieguan Trading Co., Ltd., Wuhu Zhongyuan Trading Co., Ltd., Anhui Zhongyuan new material Investment Co., Ltd., Luoyang Tongyan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Anhui Yitong International Resources Co., Ltd., Dongguan ZhongLuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Zhongyong Materials Co., Ltd Ltd., Harbin ship new material technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Harbin ship new material technology Co., Ltd. In 2017, the company was rated as "China's top 10 copper plate and strip enterprises" by China nonferrous metal processing industry association. In 2019, the company won the "golden bull value investment Award", and Mr. Feng Quanhu, chairman of the board, won the current "golden bull Leader Award".

The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of copper strip foil. The company has passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system. The quality of all kinds of high-precision copper series strip products meet the EU environmental protection quality inspection standards, and are widely used in communication, electronics, power, electrical appliances and other industries. They are important materials for communication cables, power cables, transformers, copper clad aluminum, radiators, heat exchangers, new energy batteries and other products. Over the years, the company's products sell well in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Yellow Sea and the southwest region, enjoying a high reputation. The main customers are Shanghai Linnei, AO Smith, Midea, NARI Group, Xuji group, Siemens, Hengtong group, Zhongtian Group, Tongding group, etc. In recent years, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other overseas markets.

Since its establishment, the company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise, A-level tax paying credit unit in Anhui Province, and one of the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui Province. The company's trademark has been recognized as a famous trademark of Anhui Province, its products have been rated as Anhui famous brand products, and a number of scientific and technological achievements have been awarded provincial and municipal science and technology awards. It has 13 invention patents and 54 utility model patents. In 2020, the company will start trial production of 30000 tons of raised funds and gradually release its production capacity, which will increase by 30000 tons / year. By then, the annual production capacity of about 100000 tons will be formed. All kinds of copper strip products will be covered in various aspects to meet the multi-level market demand. It is expected to become a competitive professional manufacturer of copper strip processing enterprises in China.

The company will always adhere to the concept of "let us create the future together", continuously strengthen the construction of the staff team, constantly innovate and strive for perfection, produce excellent products to meet the needs of customers.

The company is full of vitality and development opportunities, looking forward to working with you to seek common development and create a better future!

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